Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cole and Crew

You know those days when you run around like a crazy person, OK wait that's everyday, anyways today was a crazy day and the last thing I wanted to do was make a big dinner. I thought to myself no I am going to do it I am going to make time to make my family a nice dinner. So away I went made yummy enchiladas and Spanish rice. Well the second my 2 little men lay their eyes on it, they start complaining and saying its gross and they don't like it, even though they have not taken a bite! So frustrating! So Ryan and I tell them that they are done for the night, they don't get anything to eat or drink the rest of the night, well they didn't seem to care at all. So off they went to play. Fast forward 2 hours and I can hear something going on in the kitchen so I go in to find this! They snuck in and proceeded to make their own dinner, Lucky charms and a big plate of Cheetos for both of them! I don't know why I even try sometimes, It would have been a lot easier for me to pour a big bowl of lucky charms and a plate of Cheetos! Oh well, maybe some day they will appreciate the food I make.

My baby Cash

Where did the time go, you are so big and not so much my baby anymore. I can not tell you how much I love this little man. He is always so happy despite the fact that we are now up to 12 ear infections in his little 14 months. Going in for tubes next week! He is adored by his older brothers and gets mauled by them about every 5 minutes. It is so amazing to watch him as he is learning to feed himself, walk like a big boy, and amaze me with the little things he does, for instance the other day I changed his diaper and gave it to him and asked him to throw it away, he walked on over to the trash can lifted the lid and threw it in! I was in shock, they learn so quick! I love his little lips they are edible. I would love to freeze time and keep him at this oh so fun age, but since I can't I am enjoying every minute of my last little baby boy.

First day of school!!

I love the first day of school but also hate it! It makes me so sad to realize that another year has gone by and that they are getting so big! They are both so stinking handsome, I can't stand it.1

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Camera!

Today was such a fun day. We woke up to the sound of rain, such a fun surprise on a normally hot Saturday. The boys of course wanted to eat their cereal on the back porch so they could watch the rain, I had all the doors open my pumpkin candle burning and for a split second it felt like fall. I absolutely love fall! My boys are at such fun ages and yes can fight like you have never seen but also love each other like no one else! It was so neat to sit back and watch my three boys playing in the rain, laughing and giggling I loved every second of it. Of course there could never be fun without a huge mess, Cash had already been fed but wanting to always do what his brothers are doing had to join in on the fun of trying to feed himself Crews cereal. It started out so Innocent, sneaking his little had in for a yummy handful of tricks but soon he had taken over and was beyond happy that the cereal was all his! Our big mess soon to follow but a perfect and fun picture opportunity. I love how the pictures turned out and love the cute memories we made today. Yes I took some cute pictures of Cole and Crew but by the time I got to them they had discarded their clothing because the didn't want it to get wet in the rain! Oh so fun, You gotta love em!

Are you kidding! I could eat him up, I love him!!
Me and Katie are taking a photography class trying to learn how to use our amazing new cameras! Had to put this pic in because I thought she looks so pretty, oh and I took the picture. So proud.