Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In LOVE!!!!!

Cash, Cashroni's, Cashers, and Moneys, oh how I love you! You are now 16 months old and I can't believe it! Time has just flown by and I wish it would just slow down! You are so fun right now but also starting to make yourself known around here. The tantrums have begun and yelling when you do not get your way, like being held all day long, you love to be held and hold you I do because I love it! You wake up every morning at 7:15 I go in and get you and you get so excited but first you have to hand me all your stuff, binki, blankie, and sippy then you are ready to get out, I love that you know your little routine. We go get you a new sippy so you can sit for 2 seconds on the couch and climb right off to start following me around yelling for me to pick you up, once you see that your brothers have chocolate milk sippies the screaming starts again and you want both of their sippies not just one but both which then sends your brothers into screaming mode! Oh so fun, It is a crack up to watch you do this every morning, like if I yell of course I get my way, oh I've got to put a stop to that asap! I know this all sounds crazy and how can I love it like I do but I wouldn't change a thing, All my boys are amazing I love everything about all of them, even the fights, the tantrums, the pee on every toilet seat in my house, I better just get used to that. We all got ready for uncle Brannons wedding last week and watching my 3 boys walk down the hall way together in their cute clothes just made my heart melt, who would have thought boys only, all I can say is I better get some good daughter in laws:) Anyways I am rambling but just wanted to put down on paper how I feel about my monkeys. I better go I've got to go save Cole he keeps coming in to tell me a ghost keeps grabbing his arm from under his bed. Off I go to kill a ghost hanging out under Cole's bed. Gotta love Halloween:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gotta laugh!

You know the mornings where you wake up and run, run, run, trying to hurry and get everyone ready to get out the door! Well we were having one of those mornings and I had just finished getting everyone ready. I was grabbing last minute things, sippys diapers, etc when I walked out the back door to grab Cash and found this! Oh thank goodness he is soooo cute!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Las Vegas!

We were able to take a fun quick little vacation to Vegas recently. We had an absolute blast as you can see by the dorky pictures! We Went with Ryan's cousin bob, his wife Lisa, and N and A, it was so nice to just relax not have an agenda and eat, eat, and eat some more at the yummiest restaurants and buffets around! Oh I cant forget the amazing shopping we did also, we did some major damage and it was sooooo fun! Thanks to Sandy and Ben for taking care of my babies! Love you guys!