Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am soo behind!!

I probably shouldn't post these two pics but I had to they are unreal! Thank goodness this was my belly with Cash, look at that thing it is hanging!!!! This belly alot better, thank gooodnessss!! Just a reminder to myself:) All done!

Ryan and I at dinner with my fam in cali, 6 months prego.
Wow, I am sooo behind on post's and so sad that there are soo many fun moments I have not captured this summer, I wish I only felt good enough to blog a little more. Hopefully once this little bubba comes I will be able to be a little better about keeping up on my blog. Probably not, but I will sure try. I am almost 30 weeks now!!! Yipeee we are getting closer and I am beyond excited to met this baby girl! If this is like my others I've got no more than 6 weeks left,max, I have not thought much of it but as I was trying to nap after church today I could not fall asleep all of a sudden it hit me I really don't have much longer and could end up on bed rest any day! Holy Crap!! Too much still left to do and not much time I need to get a move on it, ASAP! This part now you don't need to read its for me and like I have said before I tend to forget how not fun my pregnancies are, a few months after I have a baby all I can remember is that my belly was so cute and I felt amazing and that look and this end result we should have another! Ummmmmmm Wrong!!! Well the end result part is right but the rest, nope not so right, funny how we tend to forget things:) Not so fun pregnancy is an understatement and if it can go wrong while I am pregnant it will! My mom always says I like to do things the hard way and boy is she right!! Like I said I am going on 30 weeks and still have horrible headaches, I have these lovely veins in my right leg that are the biggest, ugliest, and most painful things ever, they are disgusting and they continue up my leg into a really fun area! Can you say PAINFULL! I wear a supportive stocking on my leg every day and if its not put on right when I get out of bed I can't make it down the hall way without about falling over. I was standing in the kitchen the other day and my stocking was in the wash, well Ryan walked in and was freaking out, hurry, hurry, go put that thing on your leg that is disgusting!!! Thanks babe, Love you too. I Started early contractions which is normal so terbutilane here I come, I am not too fond of that stuff but if it keeps this buba in then I will take it. And now my latest fun pregnancy side effect, siadic nerve, probably spelled that wrong, oh well any how never had that with any of my others. What the heck! I am sooo not complaining, just a little reminder to my self. I am soo thankful for this pregnancy and soo thankful I am almost done.

Good Morning!

I couldn't resist taking this picture. Cash was happy as can be eating his cereal and watching his morning cartoons. Tooo Cute, love that little bum!
We took our annual summer trip to Ocean Side California, and had a blast! It was a little cold this year but didn't stop us from having fun. We headed out to Disneyland one day and Sea world another, it was so much fun. Ryan and I love taking our boys to these places it is so neat to watch them get so excited over everything! Cash was amazing and loved every second of it, but leave it up to me to forget my camera for his first trip to Disneyland and also Sea World!! His expressions at the Shamu show were priceless and I have no pics, I am soo bumbed. Anyways it was a great trip as always, walking down to get hot chocolate every morning, eating peach pie from Marie calendars and shopping at the outlets, I look forward to it all every year and am so thankful for the fun tradition my family has kept going for so many years.
Cole coming in from catching a wave, the water was freeeezing I have no idea how they did it! They didn't seem to mind though, I guess I am just a big wimp.
I was dying over his little wet suit it was soooo cute I could hardly stand it. Not to many cute pics though he was not wanting to cooperate:(
This little man did not want me to take his picture, every time I would ask him to look or say cheese I got yelled at! I had to be sneaky to get any pics of him, little stinker!
How handsome is my Crewser, so studly in his wet suit!
Soo cute! Cash and Ellie hanging at the beach.