Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's been a very long time since my last post, and I am sad I have not been documenting the fun things going on in our life right now. These last few months have been absolutely crazy but also very exciting in our family, as most of you know we are expecting our 4Th baby!!! We are all sooo excited and my boys ask me daily if I am having the baby today, it is going to be a long 6 more months! I am 14 weeks and soooo sick, I have never been this sick before I have been losing weight not gaining and normally I would be excited about this but not when I am pregnant and not when I feel so horrible! I did my fair share of gaining during fertility to get pregnant with this little buba, so I am in no hurry to gain but just ready to not feel so sick. Every one knows we were done, well Ryan was done I always wanted 4 but after we had Cash Ryan was done and said he was not budging! So on I went to fix the lovely tummy that three pregnancies had given me and ended up having to have a second surgery to fix it, and then to my surprise Ryan said to me one day he didn't know if we were finished! Holy #@#!@! are you kidding me!! Could you have told me this two surgeries ago and lots and lots of pain and recovery!!! Well, I guess now you know what my answer was and we are beyond excited! We had to go through invitro to get pregnant this time, and I would not wish it on anyone it is a very emotional and difficult thing to have to go through, but I am also sooo thankful for it, and our amazing doctor who has helped us in being able to have the family we have always hoped for.