Saturday, November 28, 2009

Garlands, wreaths, and Chaos!

Katie Riggs and I decided to do a boutique this year with garlands and wreaths. Such a fun idea but soooo much work! Oh we also did decorative candles, we had an absolute blast doing it but it was so time consuming and with little kids running around it was complete chaos! Our children looked homeless, we had pizza party's in the garage while we made our stuff and our kids roamed free and had the time of their lives!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween week!!

This last week was so much fun, so crazy busy but so much fun! I have a ton more to post but right now this will have to do. We were able to get to the fair which is one of my favorite things to do this time of year! I love it and I love the food, especially the fry bread, sooooo good.
Cash's first ride alone with his brothers, he's not to sure he wants to do this, I can't believe he is big enough to do this! I was freaking out the entire time!

Oh man do we love, love, love our JuJu, she is an angel. She swoops in and saves me time after time and I cant thank her enough. Judy we love you more than words can express, you are always there to help me out and love my kids like I do, no one could ask for more!


Oh how I love my handsome hubby, I don't say it enough but he is the best, the greatest dad you could ever ask for, and an amazing husband! Not trying to be cheesy but he is! I waited a long time for him and its amazing how life works, there is a plan for all of us and it is so neat to watch it all unfold. I think the thing I've had to learn is patience and boy did I have to learn that while I waited for him! I love you babe! The wait was well worth it:)
Cole and his fishy that he won, he was sooo excited and named the fish Tank which is also our dogs name, but no confusion here poor little fishy already bit the dust. whoops.
We did something different this year. Usually we head off to my moms on Halloween night where her neighborhood has a great party that they put on, but this year we decided to stay put and trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. We had a blast, we organized a block party which took place in our driveway and was so much fun the kids absolutely loved it, we seriously have the best neighborhood with the best families and kids,we are so thankful to be back here!

End of the night and pooped!

Papa, g-mama, and Cash, they are always so good to come and find us on Halloween night to make sure they get to see the kiddos. Thanks, Love ya!