Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random pics

Before, seemed like such a good idea! So they thought.
After:( poor Chance.

We were able to take a fun quick trip to the Arizona grand and few weeks ago. We had a really good time and practically had the place to ourselves, we will defiantly go back the boys loved it.

I am so sad to say that our dog Tank has passed away, so suddenly and so sad. He was a little stinker and chewed everything he came across but was really a gentle dog, we don't know exactly what happened but we do know he was being well taken care of and in a happy place when he died. We will miss you Tank.

Easter morning hoping that the Easter bunny had come, and boy did he ever! They got tons of candy and yummy treats, and an actual visit from the Easter bunny! They didn't quite know what to do Crew gave him a hug Cole cried and hid and Cash just stared it was so cute!

Catch Up!

Dyeing Easter eggs with friends, we had so much fun and Cash had a blast squishing all the eggs.

I was trying so hard to hurry and get these cookies cut out and baking before the kids realized what I was doing, well it obviously didn't work!