Monday, October 6, 2008

Our fun but crazy weekend!

Watch out for your mom Campbell, I think its been a while since she been on a tramp, she got a little too excited!
Mike, TJ and Ryan all went to the priesthood meeting so us girls and all the kids got togeather to play and have some fun! I think katie was having a little too much fun! Dont hate me katie, I couldnt resist, the pic is too good not to post!

Jen, watching Cash and Ellie. Ellie was born on June 17th and Cash on July 17th how fun!

How cute is this picture Crew and Emily are such posers.

Emily and Cole watching Diego in my bed after a fun night playing with cousins!

Katie came over to help us get packed, and make us some yummy peach, tortilla desert? Still deciding about the yummy part, but thanks for coming and playing! Love ya!

My cute mom came to help me pack! Thanks mom I couldnt do it without you!

Just a fun pic of my crazy boys and probably their 3rd bath of the day. We cant seem to stay clean around here!