Sunday, November 14, 2010


Wow its been a long time since I have posted! Alot has been going on, as a new mother of 4 life is very very busy but also very rewarding. It is such as amazing feeling to know that your family is complete, it is comforting knowing that everyone is here and we are done. What a journey it has been to complete our family, but a journey well worth it. Gracie Jade decided it was finally time on the morning of September 27. After weeks of bed rest, being hospitalized, and never ending contractions this morning it was time! I woke up around 6:15 with contractions, nothing new there so I thought OK I will just get up walk around and they will eventually go away, well that wasn't happening they started to get stronger but this has been going on for so long I was not sure this was really going to be it. I went and woke Ryan up and he was like OK lets call your mom or Taylor to come over and lets go. I told him no I wanted to be positive before we went, so I said let me take a shower and I will let you know. I got in the shower and was trying to do all the things you do before you have a baby and between Ryan peeking his head in to see if they are getting worse and my contractions not much was being accomplished! I kept having to stop what I was doing and yell how bad this was hurting! So I decided OK I think this is really happening I need to hurry and blow dry my hair, not such a good idea! So I got out called my mom to hurry over, by now it is like 7:20 and I am trying to dry my hair but my contractions are so close together and so painful again I wasn't getting much done I was leaning on my sink yelling at Ryan that it hurt so bad! All of the sudden they kicked into high gear and I thought I was going to die!! I told Ryan we cant wait for my mom we have to go now!!! He helped me to the car as I continued to scream, put the boys in the toy room and told them not to move that nama was almost here, yep we left the kids, good thing or Ryan would have delivered this baby at home! Off we went and my sis in law Jennifer ran over until my mom got there. The hospital in like 3 miles from our house and I was yelling at Ryan to run the lights that this was bad we had to hurry, we get there go in and couldn't even do admitting they put me in a triage room and said get undressed at this time it was 8:00. I was screaming my head off and I think Ryan was pretty embarrassed, sorry babe, you should try this! They told me to put on a gown, I had on flip flops and flung them off my feet they flew and hit the wall and I don't even think I had the gown on all the way and was screaming for them to help me!!! They were rushing all around trying to get my iv in so I could get my epidural, the lady said now this is going to hurt a little are you ready? Are you kidding, put the #*#@! thing in my arm and lets get me my epidural!!! I was dilated to a 6 and they rushed me down the hall to my room, seriously I can not explain the pain and I can not believe how loud I was screaming, I had no control and I am sure the people on the 8Th floor heard me! They got me to my room moved me to my bed started to put in my epidural as I continue to scream and Ryan is hiding in the corner not knowing what to think. They got it in, and I said shes coming out help!!! They had called Dr. Huish the second I got there, they kept telling me don't push he is almost here, my mom, Jennifer and sister Katie came rushing in along with Dr. Husih and a few minutes later out she came!! Holy Cow that was fast and oh ya my epidural hadn't had time to start working all the way! That was fun! 8:30am thirty minutes from when we got there our little baby girl was born, how absolutely amazing this was. Our little girl was born at 35 weeks and a few days weighing 6lbs 8oz, she struggled to breath and I only got to hold her for a minute before they took her to the nursery to work on her some more. She had trouble keeping her oxygen levels up and had to stay a few days longer than me at the hospital. Considering how early she was and my crazy pregnancy we are so thankful that is all that had happened. She is our sweet little girl, but unfortunately has earned the nick name grouchy Gracie, she has bad reflux and crys alot and is very hard to feed, but we will take it, this will pass and hopefully we can drop the nick name:)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

she's here!

Welcome to the world baby Grace.
Gracie Jade
Born, Monday Sept, 27 8:30am
6 pounds 8 oz
Absolutely perfect!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well I don't even know where to start, life has been absolutely crazy these past few weeks! I went into pre term labor a few weeks ago which is soo normal for me, I was hoping to avoid it this time around but no such luck. So usually I take my terbutilane pills and am on slight bed rest, well that didn't work so we went to full bed rest which you know is sooo easy when you have 3 very active boys running around! We have had so many amazing friends and family members swoop in and pick up all the pieces for us, dinners coming in, carpools taken care of and between my mom and Ryan, kids and house in 1 piece. Ryan has been unreal, he gets up gets all the boys ready for school gets Cole gone, Crew to the bus and then he and Cash head off to who ever is watching Cash for us that day. Then around 2 Cash is brought home and my mom shows up to take care of the rest of the day and Crew and Cole coming home from school. It is soooo hard to not be able to be their for my family, it makes me sick to my stomach, I miss them sooo much, even though I see them I feel like I am not with them, kinda hard to explain. So back to being on bed rest, I started having more contractions one night and started to time them, at this point I was 33 weeks that day. I had been to the Dr and was not dilated and doing good just needed to stay down. So anyhow Sandi had called and I told her what was going on and so she said she was coming over to watch the boys so Ryan and I could head to the hospital, which I was not going to do because I was convinced they were going to go away and I would be fine, well she came over and between her and Ryan they convinced me to go to the hospital, so off we went. Sandi came w me so Ryan could stay w the boys, I new we would be home quick and Ryan is not the biggest fan of the hospital, don't blame him! They got me right in, checked me and to my surprise I had gone from nothing to a 3 and a half and 60 percent effaced in just a few hours! Crap! I guess this was not going to be quick, so they admitted me, UGH! I was their wed thru Sunday and it was the scariest most miserable days ever!!! They put me on magnesium which is absolutely horrible it makes you feel like you have fire running thru your veins and it relaxes your entire body to where you can barely function, it was horrible!! I couldn't even watch TV I was soo miserable, so I just layed their and prayed for this little baby to stay put. By Sunday they had gotten my contractions under control and switched me to a terbutilane pump, it was a little machine that went into my stomach and constantly gave me my meds, this way I was able to go home, YIPEEEE! Still felt like you know what but at least I was in my bed now. I am sooo thankful for my amazing husband and boys, for Sandi and Ben for taking care of my kiddos and getting Crew to all of his football practices, my sis for taking my kids and making them feel loved, my mom for doing the same and also keeping my house running! My mother in law Patti has been amazing helping whenever needed and Rhonda and Steve for taking Crew, Cole and Cash to Crews football games and then spoiling them completely! They love it! I wish I could name everyone but I can't so just know I am beyond thankful for the love and support we have received. We need to get in another week and a half to get her to a good point and then she can come, we are almost there hopefully my body will cooperate!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick little trip!

We were able to take a fun last little trip to Vegas before our new little buba arrives. It was sooo relaxing and an absolute blast! Like I have said before our Vegas trips are not what you typically think of Vegas, We shop, eat, sleep in, get massages, eat some more, and lay by the pool. Just completely relaxing and fun! Lisa and Bob Gunnell went with us and we always have such a good time with them! It also looks like we went on this trip just in time, one week later the contractions started and I am now out for the count for about 4 more weeks now. Oh I can't wait to get this little girl here, safe and sound!

30 1/2 weeks

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am soo behind!!

I probably shouldn't post these two pics but I had to they are unreal! Thank goodness this was my belly with Cash, look at that thing it is hanging!!!! This belly alot better, thank gooodnessss!! Just a reminder to myself:) All done!

Ryan and I at dinner with my fam in cali, 6 months prego.
Wow, I am sooo behind on post's and so sad that there are soo many fun moments I have not captured this summer, I wish I only felt good enough to blog a little more. Hopefully once this little bubba comes I will be able to be a little better about keeping up on my blog. Probably not, but I will sure try. I am almost 30 weeks now!!! Yipeee we are getting closer and I am beyond excited to met this baby girl! If this is like my others I've got no more than 6 weeks left,max, I have not thought much of it but as I was trying to nap after church today I could not fall asleep all of a sudden it hit me I really don't have much longer and could end up on bed rest any day! Holy Crap!! Too much still left to do and not much time I need to get a move on it, ASAP! This part now you don't need to read its for me and like I have said before I tend to forget how not fun my pregnancies are, a few months after I have a baby all I can remember is that my belly was so cute and I felt amazing and that look and this end result we should have another! Ummmmmmm Wrong!!! Well the end result part is right but the rest, nope not so right, funny how we tend to forget things:) Not so fun pregnancy is an understatement and if it can go wrong while I am pregnant it will! My mom always says I like to do things the hard way and boy is she right!! Like I said I am going on 30 weeks and still have horrible headaches, I have these lovely veins in my right leg that are the biggest, ugliest, and most painful things ever, they are disgusting and they continue up my leg into a really fun area! Can you say PAINFULL! I wear a supportive stocking on my leg every day and if its not put on right when I get out of bed I can't make it down the hall way without about falling over. I was standing in the kitchen the other day and my stocking was in the wash, well Ryan walked in and was freaking out, hurry, hurry, go put that thing on your leg that is disgusting!!! Thanks babe, Love you too. I Started early contractions which is normal so terbutilane here I come, I am not too fond of that stuff but if it keeps this buba in then I will take it. And now my latest fun pregnancy side effect, siadic nerve, probably spelled that wrong, oh well any how never had that with any of my others. What the heck! I am sooo not complaining, just a little reminder to my self. I am soo thankful for this pregnancy and soo thankful I am almost done.

Good Morning!

I couldn't resist taking this picture. Cash was happy as can be eating his cereal and watching his morning cartoons. Tooo Cute, love that little bum!
We took our annual summer trip to Ocean Side California, and had a blast! It was a little cold this year but didn't stop us from having fun. We headed out to Disneyland one day and Sea world another, it was so much fun. Ryan and I love taking our boys to these places it is so neat to watch them get so excited over everything! Cash was amazing and loved every second of it, but leave it up to me to forget my camera for his first trip to Disneyland and also Sea World!! His expressions at the Shamu show were priceless and I have no pics, I am soo bumbed. Anyways it was a great trip as always, walking down to get hot chocolate every morning, eating peach pie from Marie calendars and shopping at the outlets, I look forward to it all every year and am so thankful for the fun tradition my family has kept going for so many years.
Cole coming in from catching a wave, the water was freeeezing I have no idea how they did it! They didn't seem to mind though, I guess I am just a big wimp.
I was dying over his little wet suit it was soooo cute I could hardly stand it. Not to many cute pics though he was not wanting to cooperate:(
This little man did not want me to take his picture, every time I would ask him to look or say cheese I got yelled at! I had to be sneaky to get any pics of him, little stinker!
How handsome is my Crewser, so studly in his wet suit!
Soo cute! Cash and Ellie hanging at the beach.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cash"s Birthday

Fun Birthday party at peter piper! Yummy!

Cutest Cake ever!
So just pretend I know how to use my computer and get all the pictures and stories lined up just right! I hate computers:)
Today is our baby boys birthday. I can't believe he is 2, it seems like he was just born and now he is soo big running around trying to be just like his big brothers. This picture is of him this morning being a goof ball and I love it! The next picture is him torturing Cole who is almost 5 oh the fun that we have around here, I need to start wearing black and white stripes because lately I am no longer mom I am a referee all day long!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rocky point!

We headed off to Rocky point for our yearly trip with Ryans family and boy did we have fun! I was real nervous heading down their because I still feel so horrible, but ended up doing fine and having a blast! Rhonda and Steve are so good and make sure everything is taken care of so we have nothing to worry about, just relaxing and having a good time. The water is absolutely amazing it is soooo warm and beautiful we sat down in the sand while the tide was out and the big boys all skim boarded while the kids looked for hermit crabs in the tide pools it was amazing I wish cali had that warm of water then I might actually get in:) We cant wait for next years trip to bring our new family of 6 WOW how crazy does that sound!
Man I love these two, Cash is definitely a daddy's boy!
Off to xochies for the best breakfast burritos you will ever have! Don't tell my doctor, he said not to eat the food down their while I am pregnant, but I couldn't resist!

Cash was loving his homade tortilla!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Crap!!!!

As most of you have already heard we found out that we are having a baby GIRL!!!!! I am beyond excited and am so anxious to meet this new little member of our family. The day we found out that we were officially having a Girl, Ryan left and took the older boys to father and sons and so off Cash and I went to purchase our first pink stuff! It soo doesn't seem real and probably wont until she in born. We bought pink pacifiers, pink bottles, pink onsies and went out the next morning with my mom and bought the cutest pink diaper bag I have been drooling over! And now its mine!! This next part is for me, to remind me that we are officially done after this one because I seem to forget how bad my pregnancies are:( This pregnancy has by far been the worst and most difficult. I tend to get migraines when I am pregnant but can usually keep them controlled with a little bit of medication, well the little bit of meds is not doing much this time around and I have been in constant pain daily. I have a headache all day everyday I just don't know from day to day if it will be a migraine day or if I can make it through the day with some extra meds which makes me feel horrible that I am even taking. My doctor reassures me that It is fine and I need not worry. I have been in the hospital 3 times because my head gets so bad that I cant stop throwing up and in turn am getting dehydrated, I can't move from my bed and can not function! I normally am up around 20 or more pounds by now but instead am down 10 pounds, can't seem to keep anything in either way:/ I could continue but I will stop hopefully just by reading this it will be a good reminder to myself that we are DONE!!! I hate to complain about any of this because we went through so much to get pregnant and all of my pregnancies are miracles! My babies are all early Cole 4 weeks early but 7pds 8oz, Crew 5 weeks early and 7Pd's 11oz and Cash was 6 weeks early and 6pds 12oz, I make big babies and thank goodness they have all been healthy I just hope and pray that I can start feeling better so I can be healthier for this little girl and she can grow as big as her brothers, maybe we can even cook her a little longer than them to make sure all is well. I am beyond thankful for this pregnancy and just keep reminding myself that in the end it is all worth it! I can't wait only 4 more months, but who's counting....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random pics

Before, seemed like such a good idea! So they thought.
After:( poor Chance.

We were able to take a fun quick trip to the Arizona grand and few weeks ago. We had a really good time and practically had the place to ourselves, we will defiantly go back the boys loved it.

I am so sad to say that our dog Tank has passed away, so suddenly and so sad. He was a little stinker and chewed everything he came across but was really a gentle dog, we don't know exactly what happened but we do know he was being well taken care of and in a happy place when he died. We will miss you Tank.

Easter morning hoping that the Easter bunny had come, and boy did he ever! They got tons of candy and yummy treats, and an actual visit from the Easter bunny! They didn't quite know what to do Crew gave him a hug Cole cried and hid and Cash just stared it was so cute!