Monday, October 6, 2008

Our fun but crazy weekend!

Watch out for your mom Campbell, I think its been a while since she been on a tramp, she got a little too excited!
Mike, TJ and Ryan all went to the priesthood meeting so us girls and all the kids got togeather to play and have some fun! I think katie was having a little too much fun! Dont hate me katie, I couldnt resist, the pic is too good not to post!

Jen, watching Cash and Ellie. Ellie was born on June 17th and Cash on July 17th how fun!

How cute is this picture Crew and Emily are such posers.

Emily and Cole watching Diego in my bed after a fun night playing with cousins!

Katie came over to help us get packed, and make us some yummy peach, tortilla desert? Still deciding about the yummy part, but thanks for coming and playing! Love ya!

My cute mom came to help me pack! Thanks mom I couldnt do it without you!

Just a fun pic of my crazy boys and probably their 3rd bath of the day. We cant seem to stay clean around here!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Does it get any better than this!

The things you can get your husband to do when trying to sell your house! I love it! And the results are a house that has SOLD!!!!!! Yea!!!! I probably wont get him to do this again! At least I got a pic of it, and if he see's that its on my blog I am toast!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy boys!!!!

I promise I am a good mom and my kids do wear clothes, most of the time. But if they get the chance to strip down they take it! Sandi came over the other day and while we thought the boys were in the back yard playing little did we know they were half naked dancing on the posts in the front yard!! I just love Tates dance moves! I bet he learned them from his dad!

Crewser and his dad

Crew loves to do anything his dad does and right now its bow hunting, so when Ryan gets off work out they go with their bows and arrows to see what they can get. Its so cute to see crew with his little bow, and he is actually quite good! Too bad I couldnt get him to put his shorts on. Oh well at least hes got on underware.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Want to buy a house?

Our beautiful home is for sale. It is 4500 sq ft. 4 bdrms, toy room, office, dinning room, and great room. If any one is interested call Mike Demke @ 602-510-4484

Cute pics of baby Cash!

Cash is just around 7 weeks old and the cutest little monkey, We just love him! Poor little thing has horrible reflux though and is always hurting, I feel so bad for him. Were not getting much sleep around here, he has to eat little bits all day long so it dosent hurt so bad. He is not getting enough at one feeding to keep him full at night so we party all night long! We go to the gastro doctor next week and hopefully gets some help for our little man, and me, I am a little tired. My mom has been great though and spent the night a couple of times so I can get a good nights sleep. Thanks again mom!

First day of school!!

Crew was so excited to be going back to mrs. Kerrys he just loves her!

cole on his first day of school he is so excited to be big like his brother Crew.

Crews Birthday!!

I can't believe crew is four the time has just flown by!! Makes me feel old! Crew wanted a gladiator mickey mouse birthday party, not quite sure if we accomplished that but we sure had a fun time trying!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Little boys who dont listen!

Trying so hard to be a good mom, cook a healthy dinner for the family, hold a fussy baby , answer the phone and tell cole 100 times no oreos until after diner. Ok mom he says and disapears, what did I find, Cold hiding in the toy closet with the entire package of oreos, are you kidding me! There goes my dinner that he wont even touch! Little stinker!

We love our cute little Cash!!

Cash is almost 6 weeks old, and the cutest little boy ever, I just love his cute little face!!

I love it when my Nama spends the night!! And I think my mom likes it to!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Never a dull moment around this house!

My poor little crewser, his 4th set of stitches or staples and he is not even 4 yet. We were at my moms for sunday night dinner with everyone and all the cousins were back in the play room playing when we heard crew start crying, I didnt go runing because between all the boy cousins there is always someone crying they are either wrestling, shooting, punching, or karate chopping each other so its kinda normal for someone to be crying. But I did not expect to see my little man with blood gushing down his face it was horrible and I kinda freaked, you would think I would be used to this by now but nope still completly freaked out. Well I guess crew got into it with his cousin luke and luke wacked him over the head with a plastic stethascope, pretty bad for a pretend toy. So 4 staples later and a trip to walmart to buy almost everything he could think of I thought the crazyness was over, little did I know it was just the beginning of a crazy week. The next day my cousin Heidi's little boy was over to play with Cole, I was in the kitchen doing dishes when Cole starts to cry, at this point I still have not gotten over, the panick feeling of seeing crew the night before, so I go running into the toy room thinking please no blood, but of course blood gushing down his little face, are you kidding me! I call Ryan he rushes home from work and I call Heidi who is a nurse so she comes over, and yep he needs stiches. I so did not want to go back to the hospital or the doctor, so Heidi says well we could super glue it, so super glue it we did, poor cole, the super glue came out a little faster than I expected so now he has a huge blob of super glue stuck in his hair, but his cut is taken care of! So you think thats the end, well not so quick. To make a long story short the next day cole decided to jump out of Ryans huge lifted truck for me to catch him, well small problem, no hands to catch him with I am holding Cash in his carrier in one hand and bags in the other, he jumps his nose hits carrier, carrier falls out of my hand, landing upright thank goodness and then his face hits the asfault. Blood everywhere, bashas workers running to help me and I cannot believe this just happened! I am so glad last week is over with and lets just hope this week is a better one!

Thursday, August 14, 2008