Thursday, February 11, 2010


A few weeks ago we were able to take a fun trip to Vegas to see Garth!!!! Anyone who knows me knows I was just a little obsessed with Garth, ok a lot obsessed with him growing up. So as soon as we found out he was doing concerts in Vegas I had to go, no questions asked! It was sooo fun we were able to go with my mom and dad, Dre and N, Bob and Lisa, Dave and April and Aaron and Lisa, what a blast we ate yummy meals, shopped, slept in, and went to the most amazing concert I have ever been to! I honestly can't tell you how amazing it was and that if I have any say in it I will be going back!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I just wanted to write down a few things about how I have been feeling lately. I am not so sure why but I am more and more in love with my boys every day. I have had this overwhelming feeling of appreciation for them and everything they do, to take it all in and enjoy and love all that they do. I have always loved my boys more that I could ever explain but life just throws things at you to make you realize and soak in how much you love them, if that makes sense. Its scares me , If kids can bring you soo much love from the moment they are born and it only continues to magnify I am in big trouble, they are never leaving me!!! I think back to when Ryan and I thought we would never be able to have children and how amazingly heartbreaking that was, to now being able to look at my 3 boys running around in front of me is beyond amazing. I wish I had had a blog while we were going through fertility to get our boys because it is such a life changing experience to go through and also an amazing experience to go through. I wouldn't wish it on anyone because it is horribly emotional and beyond stressful, but I am so thankful for the knowledge we have to be able to help those with problems that are keeping them from having the family they have always hoped for. Just alot of rambling but what has been going on in my mind and I wanted to write it down. THANKFUL.
I love it when I work so hard on dinner then turn around to find this. My meals aren't that bad boys;)
I guess he wasn't finished taking his bath!
My sweet little Cole. I love this little boy of mine, but man trying to get a picture of him is impossible! I am constantly trying and some how some way he has got to make it goofy! I hope he grows out of this stage soon!!!1

This is where I found Cole and his friend Blake, I don't know why I was even a little shocked, but I was and then said wait don't fall I have to get my camera! Then proceeded to tell him to never do that again, and of course it is my crazy child that is the furthest up!
Crew and Cole with their best friend Chance. Chance and Crew have been the best of friends since 6 months on and then came along Cole and they are all three best buddies! I absolutely love it! Today I came walking in to find them just sitting there playing the wii and Cole with his arm around Chance not even thinking about it, they sat there like that for a half hour it was toooo cute.