Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Monkeys

So my evening was going to be so peaceful, Ryan was gone playing ball, the house was almost all clean, one of those rare days where even my bed got made,their is nothing like climbing into clean sheets in your nice clean room. So the plan, first kids to bed, second finish cleaning kitchen, and third climb into my comfy bed and watch the shows we have dvr'd.Oh cant wait!All of the sudden, me thinking the boys are all asleep, I start to hear giggles, not at all a good sign, I go running back to find cole and crew have decided that they werent ready to go to sleep, and if they werent ready then why should cash be sleeping, hmm lets wake him up! Three little monkeys jumping on a bed! R you kidding me, I was so mad they got out of bed and went and woke up cash! So back to their beds they went and warned of the consequences if they even dare exit their beds! Well I must not be scary enough because I then a little while later found two little monkeys jumping on my bed! My clean bed! Oh I was furiouse, but they r so stinkin cute and oh so funny my anger didnt last long. So instead my peaceful night ended up into me and two of my boys snuggled togeathter in my now dirty bed watching transformers. I promise I fast foward all the bad parts.a fun happy night.

Boys Graduation!

Brothers! These two dont know what to do without each other, its kind of a love hate relationship! One second they are laughing and playing and the next second they are beating each other up, its so cute though they really are best friends. They r so close in age and it is so fun because they always have each other to play with. I am loveing watching these two grow up togeather and cant waith for Cash to join in.

Sweet cole had his gown riped off and sat on our laps the entire graduation. Hopefully next year will be better.

Crew and Chance, best buddies!
My little Cole was sooo cute, he was so excited for graduation we had told him all about it and what he would be doing. He was all about it untill he walked into the room and saw everyone staring at him, so sweet mrs. kerry had to pick him up and walk him down the isle.