Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are you kidding me!

Wasn't Christmas less than a month ago!! Daddy seems to have forgotten that! All I have to say is I guess I better get used to this because with three boys and a husband who thinks he is still a boy this is going to be my life. I absolutely love motorcycles, quads, go carts, extreme sporting events, I just don't like it when my boys are the ones behind the wheel. It absolutely freaks me out, but I absolutely love watching the joy that it brings them and the fun that they have. They love doing this stuff with their dad and I will jump on occasionally, we love to go to the dunes the lake, out to sycamore and are making the best memories ever with our little men I had just hoped I could hold Ryan off a little longer on the motorcycles but no such luck. I need to find them big padded outfits then I might feel a little better about this. Anyways I love my boys more than they will ever know and hope and pray that they are safe! I think I said in one of my last posts that I hope their are no more stitches this coming year well I think that hope just got shot to heck!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years at the Cabin!!!

Im just going to start by saying I know I spelled a million things wrong, I am obviously not the best at spelling! Sorry Mom:)
Alright, I dont even know where to begin so here we go, we headed up to our cabin with some friends for New Years and had an absolute blast but getting there was an adventure to say the least and it did not seem to stop the entire trip. Audray and I decided to head up around 11:30 so we could get up before it got dark and get the heater turned on in the cabin and so on. Well between me and Audray we kinda got a late start which was fine or so we thought. Their was not supposed to be any snow so we were not worried but to be safe took Audrays car instead of mine, (good move) Well we got to payson and the snow started coming down and of course the kids all needed to pee and were hungry. So into Mcdonalds we go. I called Ryan to let him know that when him and Brent headed up to go globe not payson because of all the snow and also they were pulling a trailer with my nice wood table in it that I did not want to get wet. After being at mcdonalds for an hour we were off again. We got up ontop of the rim and Crew starts to say he has to pee! R u kidding we just left mcdonalds 30 minutes ago, well their is so much snow and no where to pull over so we just keep going looking for a pull off, we finally find somewhere and pull over at this point it is like 28 degerees and I am not getting out so Crew has to unbucle his seatbelt climb over the kids stand on my lap where I had cracked the window and let it rip, well that caused a chain reaction now all the sudden all the boys think they need to pee. So 20 minutes later we are off again. About 10 minutes into that drive we see brake lights through the snow and come to a complete stop!!!! No this is not hapening we have 6 kids in this car who are not going to last much longer! Well to make a long story short 2 hours later we finally started to move. I was soo done and was ready to go home! So 6 hours after we left our houses we arrived at the cabin, it normally takes 2 and a half hours, and 20 minutes after us here come the boys driving up. Good thing we left early so we could get there before them!!! Any ways we couldnt get ryans truck up the drive, he sliped and fell once which was better than brets 3 times, all of our luggage was in the trailer so we had to drive Audrays car down throw stuff in it and then repeat all in 22 degree weahter. Holy Crap it was crazy but an absolute blast and some fun amazing memories were made.1
Here is Audray being her typical self wich is very calm and relaxed. Me on the other hand at this point was about ready to find the nearest cliff and jump!!!

This picture was taken at 10:00pm looking down the driveway of the cabin at Ryan and Brent attempting to get the car and trailor up the driveway. Not such a good idea!
Such fun buddies! These boys had so much fun together runing around karate choping, wrestling, being transformers and playing basketball together. Cole and Dyllan are 2 days apart and had a blast.

Are you kidding me! How cute is he, just watching him walk in this was a crack up and if he fell down he could not get up it was to cute watching him try to roll over after falling down.
Poor Cole trying to recover from one of his many accidents.
We had such a fun New Years Eve. My mom and dad have a cabin about 5 minutes from ours. My mom and dad, Katie and Tj and their kiddos were all staying there and came to our cabin to hang out and celebrate new years eve. Brent Hunt is an amazing cook and made us some amazing meals including our yummy homeade spaghetti dinner, it was deliciouse and wounderful that I didnt have to cook almost the entire time! The Hunts brought up their huge blow up bouncy so we took it upstairs and blew it up in the loft, are you kidding me the kids were in heaven. When they got bored with the bouncy they would come down stairs and play some basketball with the new fun game I got Ryan for christmas. We had some major competitions going on it was quite entertaining and very fun to watch. We celebrated New Years with the kiddos at 9 and off to bed they went. Now game time for the adults or tv watching with no interuptions!

Cash could have cared less about the sledding he just wanted to ride around on the quad all day, but Crew and Cole had a blast sledding and could have done it all day.1

Does it get any better than this our very own personal hair dresser at the cabin! Thanks Audray! I have an amazing mom who cuts the boys hair and does a great job but because it is NAMA they are little pills! Why are kids such stinkers for their own family:) So for the time being we've got Audray so my kids don't make NAMA crazy.

Bompa having the time of his life at the cabin! We catch him doing this quite often and even the grandkids crawling all over him dosent seem to bother him. I actually wish I was him!
Maddison and Cash exactly one year apart.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I can't believe christmas has come and gone, but I am so thankful for the amazing holiday we were able to have. This christmas was so exciting my boys are at such a fun age and were beyond excited for christmas this year! We had so many fun nights makeing amazing memories and I am so greatful for the family traditions that we are able to pass on to our boys. We loved every minute of this last month from puting up the christmas tree, hanging lights on the house, to makeing gingerbread houses and getting sick from eating way toooo much candy! I am so thankful for such a great family, an amazing husband and three beautiful boys to share these holidays with. We can't wait to see what next year brings. Hopefully no more stitches!

Christmas can be soo exhausting!
We were able to go over to Ryans moms and step dads for Christmas eve, we had such a nice time and it was so fun to get together with everyone.
Uncle Brannon helping Cash get ready to try out his new bike from Jim and Ma-T
I guess we need more practice!
Christmas at Jim and Ma T's with cousins.
My little stud muffin. I just love this little man, he can be a handful but dang he is handsome! Crew is all about clothes right now its soo funny he has to look in his words AWESOME or we are not allowed to leave the house!
Random pic, but Ryan was out of town on the Sunday before Christmas and I thought my boys looked sooo cute so I had to try and snag a pic. Also very proud of myself I pulled into the church parking lot at 7:59, on time all by myself!!!