Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Crew and I had fun making his hat for crazy hat day.
Who needs a pool when you can go swimming in the sink!

So big! Sitting up in a shopping cart!

We are absolutely in Loooove with this little baby girl! I could eat her up she is so stinkin cute!!! She is going to know the In's and outs of baseball an football poor thing gets drug around to game after game and better get used to it with 3 brothers! We have baseball Monday through Thursday and football Friday and Saturdays its complete craziness.
So I left Gracie for the first time with my mom while we took the boys to Disneyland. I bawled my eyes out and did not want to leave, but I knew she would be safe with my mom and given many hugs and kisses while we were gone. I called and texted constantly to check in and my mom would send me pictures of her, well this was one of the pictures that she sent, pretty funny mom:)

Oh how I love this picture! Just me and my crazies hanging out together.