Sunday, November 14, 2010


Wow its been a long time since I have posted! Alot has been going on, as a new mother of 4 life is very very busy but also very rewarding. It is such as amazing feeling to know that your family is complete, it is comforting knowing that everyone is here and we are done. What a journey it has been to complete our family, but a journey well worth it. Gracie Jade decided it was finally time on the morning of September 27. After weeks of bed rest, being hospitalized, and never ending contractions this morning it was time! I woke up around 6:15 with contractions, nothing new there so I thought OK I will just get up walk around and they will eventually go away, well that wasn't happening they started to get stronger but this has been going on for so long I was not sure this was really going to be it. I went and woke Ryan up and he was like OK lets call your mom or Taylor to come over and lets go. I told him no I wanted to be positive before we went, so I said let me take a shower and I will let you know. I got in the shower and was trying to do all the things you do before you have a baby and between Ryan peeking his head in to see if they are getting worse and my contractions not much was being accomplished! I kept having to stop what I was doing and yell how bad this was hurting! So I decided OK I think this is really happening I need to hurry and blow dry my hair, not such a good idea! So I got out called my mom to hurry over, by now it is like 7:20 and I am trying to dry my hair but my contractions are so close together and so painful again I wasn't getting much done I was leaning on my sink yelling at Ryan that it hurt so bad! All of the sudden they kicked into high gear and I thought I was going to die!! I told Ryan we cant wait for my mom we have to go now!!! He helped me to the car as I continued to scream, put the boys in the toy room and told them not to move that nama was almost here, yep we left the kids, good thing or Ryan would have delivered this baby at home! Off we went and my sis in law Jennifer ran over until my mom got there. The hospital in like 3 miles from our house and I was yelling at Ryan to run the lights that this was bad we had to hurry, we get there go in and couldn't even do admitting they put me in a triage room and said get undressed at this time it was 8:00. I was screaming my head off and I think Ryan was pretty embarrassed, sorry babe, you should try this! They told me to put on a gown, I had on flip flops and flung them off my feet they flew and hit the wall and I don't even think I had the gown on all the way and was screaming for them to help me!!! They were rushing all around trying to get my iv in so I could get my epidural, the lady said now this is going to hurt a little are you ready? Are you kidding, put the #*#@! thing in my arm and lets get me my epidural!!! I was dilated to a 6 and they rushed me down the hall to my room, seriously I can not explain the pain and I can not believe how loud I was screaming, I had no control and I am sure the people on the 8Th floor heard me! They got me to my room moved me to my bed started to put in my epidural as I continue to scream and Ryan is hiding in the corner not knowing what to think. They got it in, and I said shes coming out help!!! They had called Dr. Huish the second I got there, they kept telling me don't push he is almost here, my mom, Jennifer and sister Katie came rushing in along with Dr. Husih and a few minutes later out she came!! Holy Cow that was fast and oh ya my epidural hadn't had time to start working all the way! That was fun! 8:30am thirty minutes from when we got there our little baby girl was born, how absolutely amazing this was. Our little girl was born at 35 weeks and a few days weighing 6lbs 8oz, she struggled to breath and I only got to hold her for a minute before they took her to the nursery to work on her some more. She had trouble keeping her oxygen levels up and had to stay a few days longer than me at the hospital. Considering how early she was and my crazy pregnancy we are so thankful that is all that had happened. She is our sweet little girl, but unfortunately has earned the nick name grouchy Gracie, she has bad reflux and crys alot and is very hard to feed, but we will take it, this will pass and hopefully we can drop the nick name:)