Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well I don't even know where to start, life has been absolutely crazy these past few weeks! I went into pre term labor a few weeks ago which is soo normal for me, I was hoping to avoid it this time around but no such luck. So usually I take my terbutilane pills and am on slight bed rest, well that didn't work so we went to full bed rest which you know is sooo easy when you have 3 very active boys running around! We have had so many amazing friends and family members swoop in and pick up all the pieces for us, dinners coming in, carpools taken care of and between my mom and Ryan, kids and house in 1 piece. Ryan has been unreal, he gets up gets all the boys ready for school gets Cole gone, Crew to the bus and then he and Cash head off to who ever is watching Cash for us that day. Then around 2 Cash is brought home and my mom shows up to take care of the rest of the day and Crew and Cole coming home from school. It is soooo hard to not be able to be their for my family, it makes me sick to my stomach, I miss them sooo much, even though I see them I feel like I am not with them, kinda hard to explain. So back to being on bed rest, I started having more contractions one night and started to time them, at this point I was 33 weeks that day. I had been to the Dr and was not dilated and doing good just needed to stay down. So anyhow Sandi had called and I told her what was going on and so she said she was coming over to watch the boys so Ryan and I could head to the hospital, which I was not going to do because I was convinced they were going to go away and I would be fine, well she came over and between her and Ryan they convinced me to go to the hospital, so off we went. Sandi came w me so Ryan could stay w the boys, I new we would be home quick and Ryan is not the biggest fan of the hospital, don't blame him! They got me right in, checked me and to my surprise I had gone from nothing to a 3 and a half and 60 percent effaced in just a few hours! Crap! I guess this was not going to be quick, so they admitted me, UGH! I was their wed thru Sunday and it was the scariest most miserable days ever!!! They put me on magnesium which is absolutely horrible it makes you feel like you have fire running thru your veins and it relaxes your entire body to where you can barely function, it was horrible!! I couldn't even watch TV I was soo miserable, so I just layed their and prayed for this little baby to stay put. By Sunday they had gotten my contractions under control and switched me to a terbutilane pump, it was a little machine that went into my stomach and constantly gave me my meds, this way I was able to go home, YIPEEEE! Still felt like you know what but at least I was in my bed now. I am sooo thankful for my amazing husband and boys, for Sandi and Ben for taking care of my kiddos and getting Crew to all of his football practices, my sis for taking my kids and making them feel loved, my mom for doing the same and also keeping my house running! My mother in law Patti has been amazing helping whenever needed and Rhonda and Steve for taking Crew, Cole and Cash to Crews football games and then spoiling them completely! They love it! I wish I could name everyone but I can't so just know I am beyond thankful for the love and support we have received. We need to get in another week and a half to get her to a good point and then she can come, we are almost there hopefully my body will cooperate!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick little trip!

We were able to take a fun last little trip to Vegas before our new little buba arrives. It was sooo relaxing and an absolute blast! Like I have said before our Vegas trips are not what you typically think of Vegas, We shop, eat, sleep in, get massages, eat some more, and lay by the pool. Just completely relaxing and fun! Lisa and Bob Gunnell went with us and we always have such a good time with them! It also looks like we went on this trip just in time, one week later the contractions started and I am now out for the count for about 4 more weeks now. Oh I can't wait to get this little girl here, safe and sound!

30 1/2 weeks